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Abstract of 17th Summit of the COMESA Authority Decisions


RECOGNISED with appreciation the contribution made by COMESA Institutions namely: the Africa Trade Insurance Agency (ATI), Alliance for Commodity Trade in Eastern and Southern Africa (ACTESA) COMESA Business Council (CBC), COMESA Court of Justice, COMESA Clearing House, COMESA Competition Commission (CCC), COMESA Monetary Institute (CMI), COMESA Infrastructure Fund, Federation of the National Associations of Women in Business (FEMCOM), Leather and Leather Products Institute(LLPI), PTA Bank, Regional Investment Agency(RIA) and ZEP-RE; in supporting the COMESA Integration Agenda;

COMMENDED the COMESA institutions on their satisfactory performance since the last summit in November 2012, and called upon Member States to support and utilize the institutions; and

URGED COMESA institutions to do more in supporting the COMESA Regional Integration Agenda;

COMMENDED the ECOWAS Council of Ministers for agreeing that all ECOWAS Member States should join the African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI);
COMMENDED the COMESA Competition Commission for facilitating notifications on mergers and acquisitions worth US $13 billion within twelve (12) months of commencing operations;

CALLED upon the Commission to intensify its advocacy and awareness activities to enhance compliance with the provisions of the COMESA Competition Regulations by Member States;

CALLED UPON LLPI to develop a regional strategy for the leather sector in COMESA;

URGED COMESA Member States to streamline and develop the leather industry to become competitive and productive through industrialization of the sector in order for it to contribute to the creation of jobs and wealth especially among rural communities;


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